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Check Out The New Website: Pride In Battle Blog by Dan

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So, I have decided to change the website and I am hoping you all like it.

Before I redesigned to what you currently see, I simply had a one-page website that featured a part-time blog, and whilst I always had plans to upgrade the website to feature a small shop and obviously keep up with the blogging, I wasn’t planning on doing it so soon, but like an absolute idiot I lost all my blogs whilst updating things which was annoying but it is what it is…

If you take a look at the store, you will see that I have a whole heap of unique products that can purchased at reasonable prices. Some of the most popular products are the stickers! I have designed all of them myself… Stickers are really popular with away day fans and I do believe that I have something to cater to everyone… You will also see various products in my store such as clothing, gifts and flags plus lots more.

My Pride in Battle website is something I am proud of and hopefully I can turn this into something that most people can engage with… My goal towards the end of the 2023/24 season is to use some of my profits from my store to sponsor football teams in and around Greater Manchester. I would like to build on my YouTube channel, so if you are a City fan, drop me a subscription. Click Here to visit my YouTube Channel.

I am now also writing reviews of pretty much anything that relates to my Matchday Experiences, and these reviews will hopefully help you with your own journey of following Manchester City Football Club.

So take a look around and hopefully you like the website.
Dan 🙂

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