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Welcome to Pride in Battle

A Manchester a City fan-driven site delivering a range a topics, reviews and options.

My name is Dan. I run this website on my own. I am a current blues’ season ticket holder in block 111.

So, I wanted to create something where I could write about my views and opinions about my match day experience. I wanted to write reviews and just share my journey with football fans from around the world, and this is where I came up with Pride in Battle…

I really wanted to start a blog early on in life, but it was something I never really got round to doing. I think one of the biggest reasons behind it was the fact that I really did lack the confidence. The thoughts about putting something on the internet about myself was pretty scary the moment I started thinking about what other people would think, but these days I couldn’t really care less what anybody thinks, as the way I see it, people will be behind it, or they won’t, either way, I plan to have fun along the way with my journey of watching the world’s biggest small team.

I would like to think that the content I am putting out there is a little bit different, as it is from a personal point of view… Something you will pick up on pretty quickly is the fact that I am in no way a professional writer. My punctuation and my spelling can be the worst in the world at times but I’m having a go at it regardless.

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