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Istanbul, Istanbul, We Are Coming….

Man City Were on our way to Istanbul

Istanbul, Istanbul, We Are Coming….

What a performance! I have never in my life seen football like! Manchester City destroyed Real Madrid with a 4-0 win sending us into the champions league final in Istanbul.

Even two days later after the match I still haven’t fully processed it, I mean like many other Blues I have gone from watching Manchester City being utterly crap, the days of Stuart Peirce when we only score 12 goals all season, and we were that much of an embarrassment we had to sling David James upfront to going to Istanbul to see my team play in a Champions League Final.

The game itself was something else, I would go as far as to say, I do not believe there has ever been a team in the world that has played as well as Manchester on Wednesday night.

I do have the feeling that the Real Madrid camp had accepted defeat before kick-off, I mean when you look at the comments made by Carlo Ancelotti in his pre-match conference, he said we know Manchester City will score early, and we know Manchester City will score a lot of goals… Yeah, there is denying that Manchester City have created a fortress at home in the Champions League and we were always going to take some beating, but Real Madrid didn’t even put up a fight, they didn’t look dangerous once, and I felt over both legs Real Madrid were pretty dirty… Now I have watched a few Real Madrid games this season and if I am really honest, I don’t think they have looked anything like the Real Madrid everybody knows and talks about… I made two calls for City vs Real Madrid, my first call was 3-1 Manchester City and my second call was City will absolutely destroy them and everybody laughed at me, I was called delusional, I was called biased, and people literally took the piss, yet my prediction was based on the fact that have watched a few Madrid games and the fact is they haven’t looked good as I have already said, coupled with this fortress that manchester have created at home. Why wouldn’t I call it? The fact of the matter is I was bang on point, Manchester City DESTROYED Real Madrid, and now all the jealous crew seemed to have crawled under rocks and are nowhere to be seen… Hmmm, Wonder why?…

The Champions League for me this season has been epic. I went to my first City Game in 1998, and I have never until this season traveled abroad with my club, This season I have been to Leipzig and Munich and now I am going to Istanbul and this is as well as doing the home games, and some away games. I have absolutely loved it, and I’ve met some amazing people on my journey.

I have come across some conversations on Social Media about people asking if we could beat United at Wembley or win the Champions League which would be chosen? I will never get bored of beating United, and every time we beat them I rub it in and rub it in, I can’t stand them, I absolutely hate them, however at the same time they are also irrelevant to me at the moment, the only challenge from them we have had in years is the FA Cup final, they haven’t challenged us for the league or Champions League so I will choose to win the Champions League if its a choice of one or the other. Big Steve summed it up on his YouTube channel really, and I 100% agree with him, but whoever doesn’t agree that is cool, as we don’t have to agree all the time, and it doesn’t make you or me any less of a fan if we want certain games more than others.

Hopefully, I will see lots of you having the best time of your lives in Istanbul during the weekend commencing June 9th, 2023, I am flying direct from Manchester with Turkish Airlines. I took a gamble with this though and I booked a couple of weekends before the Real Madrid game and it cost me £384 which is a bargain, I have a single room booked in a hostel in the Faith district of Istanbul which has cost £70 for 4 nights, its no frills room with nothing but a bed and table but then I suppose you get what you pay for. So now I just need to find out when and how ticket sales are going to happen and at what prices, then it’s all good to go.

I hope to see loads of you having the time of your lives in Istanbul over the weekend of the final.

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